Stardawg shake

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Stardawg – Hybrid (90% Sativa\10% Indica) (Indoor) The strain is also known as “stardog” by many members of the 420 club. The species comprises of mostly sativa. It is a potent crossbreed of the famous Tres Dog and Chemdawg species. The bud boasts of a high THC level that ranges between 16 and 22 percent, and its effects last for three hours max. The buds of the Stardawg strain have small popcorn-shaped buds with olive green, minty green, and amber colors. They are speckled with deep amber and orange hairs with a small layer of white resin and trichomes. The species has an earthly aroma with a slight taste of earthly diesel and lemony pine when you exhale. If you have ever used Stardawg, you understand that it leaves the user with a significant “high” because it is incredibly active. Some people have reported experiencing some pressure in the neck and behind the eyes when they use it. All in all, you will encounter bursts of energy and the need to be talkative and to socialize. You might also find yourself giggling. The potent effects of sativa go with a relaxing feeling. The strain is excellent for managing various conditions like anxiety, fatigue, and severe stress.

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