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Sour Jack Marijuana Strain

Sour Jack Marijuana Strain

THC Content – 22.0% Highest Test

Average Hybrid;12.5%

Sour Jack Highest Test;22.0%

Sour Jack Average;19.0%

Common Usage



Loss of Appetite





Sour Jack Marijuana Strain

Sour Jack Marijuana Strain is an evenly balanced hybrid, 50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica, but its effects lean heavily towards Sativa.

The child of two famous strains. Jack Herer and Sour Diesel & Sour Jack features THC content up to 22 percent and a CBD count of just 0.22 percent. The strain has earned a handful of awards at Cannabis Cups in recent years and is perfectly suitable for wake-n-bakes. Or midday use due to its energy stimulating effects.

The aroma of Sour Jack is intense with a pungent mix of diesel fuel and citrus. Overall, it should smell sour with notes of lemon pine. The taste is similar to the scent and users may notice the fuel smell more in the smoke. The buds are lime green with orange hairs.

This bud is ideal for recreational users because of the high THC, which offers an entertaining psychoactive effect (if you enjoy that sort of thing). The high hits the head with an uplifting effect that provides energy and euphoria. New users should be careful with this herb as it delivers a punch with just one hit. Some people have reported subtle sound and visual hallucinations while using this strain as well.

Order Sour Jack Marijuana Strain

You may find that this herb is tricky in that it sneaks in a much more potent effect than first thought. The effect should hit quickly and last for a few hours. Try and set yourself some tasks, particularly of a creative nature, and see what this herb helps you do.

Medical users with severe conditions should look for another strain due to Sour Jack’s very low CBD level. However, as half indica. will have some body effects that may alleviate mild anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The energetic effects of the weed may also help medical users climb out of lethargy or depression and get active again.

A rare strain and difficult for growers to find, check Karma Genetics first. Grow it indoors or outdoors and expect the plants to grow tall and flower in about ten weeks, which is a little longer than most cannabis strains but worth it due to the high yield it offers.

One home grower shared some tips for growing Sour Jack indoors. For soil, try four parts Fox Farm Ocean Forest and one part Perlite. In extra nutrients, choose Grow Big for the vegetative phase but you shouldn’t need too much. Use Tiger Bloom in the flowering stage and keep temperatures in the low 70s for best results. Yields are generally above average.



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