Blue Dream Vape Cartridge


The 710 King Pen company was started in October 2014 and was founded in Los Angeles, California. The 710 King Pen has its positives and negatives like any vape. The quality of this concentrate cartridge is above others in the same price bracket. I can definitely recommend this cartridge for those who want to experience a dab feeling on the go. As most other cartridges I reviewed, this cart has flaws that prevent it from being perfect. Here we go into an in depth 710 King Pen review.

The THC strength is higher on
King Pen vape cartridge

The strength on this King Pen vape cartridge was not disappointing and I only needed a few hits to find myself completely stoned to satisfaction. The THC strength feels the same as Heavy Hitters cartridges. I did some research online and found a resource that provided lab test results showing 87% THC content.

King Pen vape cartridge is exactly like the cannabis strains.

The flavor is the second best thing about this cart that I discovered in this King Pen review. Each hit reminded me of smoking cannabis as it kept its real flavor from the strain. The vape hits smooth and is not harsh at all. The vape smells and it is not recommended to smoke in public areas due to the cannabis smell.

Price is fair for the quality of BUY KINGPEN VAPE CARTRIDGES ONLINE

The average price for a half gram King Pen cartridge is $30-$40.00 dollars in the Bay Area. The price is acceptable because of the high quality extracted cannabis oil and good cartridge design. I can recommend this vape cartridge for those who don’t need a full gram. I purchased a half gram at Harborside in Oakland, California.

Not A Good Vape Cartridge Upgrade

It’s not that this vape cartridge had any problems with hitting, but it was the small clouds it produced that was the issue. This oil cartridge design was disliked so much that concentrate inside of it was transferred into a better ceramic cartridge. Another flaw from the 710 King Pen cartridge is that it will not vape the entire THC oil, its not very much left but its enough to annoy.