Stardawg shake

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Stardawg – Hybrid (90% Sativa\10% Indica) (Indoor) The strain is also known as “stardog” by many members of the 420 club. The species comprises of mostly sativa. It is a potent crossbreed of the famous Tres Dog and Chemdawg species. The bud boasts of a high THC level that ranges between 16 and 22 percent, and its effects last for three hours max. The buds of the Stardawg strain have small popcorn-shaped buds with olive green, minty green, and amber colors. They are speckled with deep amber and orange hairs with a small layer of white resin and trichomes. The species has an earthly aroma with a slight taste of earthly diesel and lemony pine when you exhale. If you have ever used Stardawg, you understand that it leaves the user with a significant “high” because it is incredibly active. Some people have reported experiencing some pressure in the neck and behind the eyes when they use it. All in all, you will encounter bursts of energy and the need to be talkative and to socialize. You might also find yourself giggling. The potent effects of sativa go with a relaxing feeling. The strain is excellent for managing various conditions like anxiety, fatigue, and severe stress.


Maui …10Grams


Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

With a fresh, earthy smell and an enticing taste, Maui …10Grams is one of the most desirable products of the marijuana industry. The strain is a refined cannabis and is known as a Sativa-dominant hybrid. The smokers define it as the “perfect creativity aid” for the weekend. The strain immediately takes over your mind and body with a strong tropical fruit aroma that leaves your mind in a mellow state. Maui offers a unique experience, as it keeps your mind energized while transcending other senses into a deep, placid state. But that’s not it. This gift of Hawaiian tropics is known to provide relief from various ailments. Due to its high potency, it can easily provide relief from pain and anxiety. If you are looking for a euphoric experience for the weekend, then Maui strain is your best option.

Positive Effects
Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Sociable

Relieved Symptoms
Anorexia, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Cramps, Depression, Fatigue

Citrus, Fruity, Pineapple, Spicy, Sweet, Tropical

Floral, Fruity, Sweet

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Buy Banana Kush

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Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 18% – 25%

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Medical Benefits Of Banana Kush

Banana Kush’s utilization is for various medical benefits.

One, it is powerful stress relieving tool through which it provides THC component that soothes the mind and the body, clearing stressors.

Two, its potency readily helps alleviate depression by facilitating the production of dopamine hormone that alters the body system’s mood, boosting it, creating a buzz and eliminating the depression symptoms.

Three, its high Indica content relieves pain by availing pain relieving properties that empower the body to ease various types of pain.

Four, it combats inflammation through its CBD component introducing anti-inflammatory properties in the body, causing activities that promote inflammation to occur to seize while terpenes components introduce beta-carophyllene product necessary to fight inflammation.

Five, the strain treats insomnia through its body high eliciting laziness. And sedative effects after three to four puffs make it impossible for one to stay awake.

Pros/Cons of Growing Banana Kush


  • Ultra-Potent Cannabis
  • Unique and Delicious Terpene Profile
  • Large Yield
  • Thick Resin Coverage
  • Ideally Suited For Indoor Grows
  • Excellent Bag Appeal
  • Easy to Growl
  • Highly Resistant to Pests and Diseases


  • Difficult to Find Genuine Banana Kush Seeds
  • Average Flowering Time

Afghan kush for sale

THC : 17%

CBD: 0.2%


Taste & Smells: Musky, Skunk, Diesel

Feels: Euphoric , Hungry, Happy , Relaxed , Mellow

Where can I securely buy Afghan Kush without losing my money?

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Buy Afghan Kush Online

This strain has parented many modern Indica hybrids. Afghani is worth a try for every cannabis enthusiast. An Indica in it’s truest form, expect a full-bodied sense of relaxation.
It is a classic Indica marijuana strain. Expect a soothing and relaxed body high, mixed with traditional earthy Kush flavors.

Afghan Kush Experience
Afghani is a landrace Indica that has become a parent to many modern Indica hybrids. This stout plant hails from the Hindu Kush mountains and has since spread around the world. Known for its sweet pungent aroma and heavy body high, you’ll recognize the Afghani influence in strains like LA Confidential, Amnesia Haze, and Northern Lights.

As a true Indica, the high this strain provides is intensely physical. The THC content of this strain may not get very high, but this strain promotes deep heavy-bodied relaxation. Expect your eyes to grow heavy, and about 30 minutes in you might find yourself ready for a nap.

Though Afghani is the backbone of many popular strains, it’s not as heavily sedated as more modern interpretations. Rather, it is dreamy and drowsy without knocking marijuana enthusiasts out. It does, however, have strong appetite-stimulating effects. If you’re hoping to avoid the munchies, you’re better off with a different flower.

When properly cured, this strain’s buds present slightly pale green leaves with nice knotting of orange pistils. A heavy layer of trichomes makes for some very sticky weed.

Marijuana connoisseurs will know all too well the aromas of Kush. Afghani mixes in a diesel scent, as well as notes of citrus and skunk, making for some pungent cannabis.

When busted up, that famous earthy kush scent intensifies. These trademark kush flavors continue into the smoke, which can be quite harsh, as can many Indicas. Even experienced marijuana consumers can expect some coughing with this strain.

Medical Benefits of Afghani
A strain that has spawned so many medicinal marijuana favorites. Its potency and range of medical applications have let its popularity endure for decades in the therapeutic cannabis community.

Medical patients tend to like this strain for bodily pain, muscle tension, and stress

Anyone with sleep problems will also appreciate this strain. It may not be the most sedative bud out there, but you’ll have an easy time dosing off

Some people use this strain for evening migraine relief

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Gorilla Glue Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Dry mouth


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Buy ACDC Strain Online

Before buy acdc strain online you need to know ACDC Strain. There is a reason why the ACDC strain has won a numerous Cannabis Cup awards, Because of the low THC level, ACDC almost has no psychoactive effect. But the flipside of this is that with an extremely high CBD level, it is perfectly suitable for medical use. In fact, ACDC belongs to a rare breed of strain that is more intended for patients suffering from different diseases. ACDC is a 50/50 Sativa-Indica phenotype of Cannatonic.

ACDC Strain Information

The smell of ACDC is earthy, sweet, and skunky and some may taste a hint of fruit. When smoking the herb, users may be able to detect the cherry and lemongrass scent better. The buds are tight but fluffy and the color is green with orange hairs. Look for different delivery methods such as capsules, teas, tinctures, and lotions.

The ACDC Strain is one of the most preferred CBD strains due to its heavily CBD dominant CBD-to-THC concentration ratio of 20:1. According to,

ACDC does not produce a psychoactive high at all. Instead, it provides feelings of alertness, focus, and serene mental clarity

Is ACDC a sativa or indica?

ACDC is much different than most cannabis strains due to its extremely low THC level and its extremely high CBD level. With the THC at 1 to 6 percent, there’s almost no psychoactive effect. A cross between Ruderalis and Cannatonic, this strain is an evenly balanced hybrid at 50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica.


Want to Buy ACDC Stain Online? Before that you must know the effect of ACDC . The THC level may be low, but on a smaller scale compared to most other strains, ACDC can uplift one’s mood resulting in a positive feeling. It does have an analgesic effect and could induce a clear head, which explains why smokers of this strain could focus better.

Due to feeling relaxed with just the right amount of euphoria, ACDC could also influence you to feel more social. Don’t worry, it is not as extreme as rocking your friends much like the heavy metal band.

Growers can expect a bushy plant with thin, feathery leaves that may grow as high as four feet. It looks and grows like a skunk variety with big colas. The leaves may turn a bit purple and the nugs are about the size of a thumb.

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Blue Dream Vape Cartridge



The 710 King Pen company was started in October 2014 and was founded in Los Angeles, California. The 710 King Pen has its positives and negatives like any vape. The quality of this concentrate cartridge is above others in the same price bracket. I can definitely recommend this cartridge for those who want to experience a dab feeling on the go. As most other cartridges I reviewed, this cart has flaws that prevent it from being perfect. Here we go into an in depth 710 King Pen review.

The THC strength is higher on
King Pen vape cartridge

The strength on this King Pen vape cartridge was not disappointing and I only needed a few hits to find myself completely stoned to satisfaction. The THC strength feels the same as Heavy Hitters cartridges. I did some research online and found a resource that provided lab test results showing 87% THC content.

King Pen vape cartridge is exactly like the cannabis strains.

The flavor is the second best thing about this cart that I discovered in this King Pen review. Each hit reminded me of smoking cannabis as it kept its real flavor from the strain. The vape hits smooth and is not harsh at all. The vape smells and it is not recommended to smoke in public areas due to the cannabis smell.

Price is fair for the quality of BUY KINGPEN VAPE CARTRIDGES ONLINE

The average price for a half gram King Pen cartridge is $30-$40.00 dollars in the Bay Area. The price is acceptable because of the high quality extracted cannabis oil and good cartridge design. I can recommend this vape cartridge for those who don’t need a full gram. I purchased a half gram at Harborside in Oakland, California.

Not A Good Vape Cartridge Upgrade

It’s not that this vape cartridge had any problems with hitting, but it was the small clouds it produced that was the issue. This oil cartridge design was disliked so much that concentrate inside of it was transferred into a better ceramic cartridge. Another flaw from the 710 King Pen cartridge is that it will not vape the entire THC oil, its not very much left but its enough to annoy.